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Glutenfree Chocolate Cake with buttercream, strawberrys and marzipan

Delicate, soft & tender chocolate cakelayers, covered in a creamy, rich & flavourful buttercream, wrapped with classic german Marzipan & then topped with fresh, tart & juicy strawberrys.

Here are the ingredients :

For the chocolate cake layers, 2x 26cm in diameter

70g Marzipan
70g Eggyolk (arround 5)

115g Eggwhite (arround 3Stk)
115g sugar
Pinch of salt

35g cocoapowder

Buttercream :

250ml Liquid, Juice, Water, Milk

50g Sugar 
20g Cornstarch
20g Eggyolk (arround 2-3)

180g Butter (soft)

furthermore : 

1kg Strawberrys
150g Marzipan or modelling Chocolate
chopped pistachios to garnish

Instructions :

Cake :

1. Cream together your Yolks & Marzipan. Start with chopping the marzipan in fine pieces and then add the eggyolks in slowly, one at a time. Beat the mixture for 10-15 Minutes until it gets creamy, fluffy and pale.
2. In a CLEAN bowl, whip the eggwhites until frothy before you start pouring in the sugar. Whip the eggwhites until stiff peaks form.
3. Carefully fold in the eggwhites in your…